Communications Politics Strategy

I am a journalist and director of the Institute for Media and Communication Policy, a Berlin and Cologne-based think tank providing research and advice on media, political communication, and digitization. As a strategy consultant, I advise selected organizations on issues relating to strategy development, innovation, and communication.


Politics, strategy, and communication are not only key topics, but also a driving motivation of my work:

>> Democratic politics is inconceivable without communication – publicity, debate and control by public opinion.

>> Democratic publics cannot be taken for granted, but rather rest on certain preconditions: on policies which ensure pluralism and effectively counter “democracy hacking”, on strong, innovative media, and on an informed and “news-literate” citizenry.

>> Not even the best ideas are self-explanatory: the more complex an agenda and the more difficult the communicative environment, the more important it becomes to devise strategies that translate facts, arguments and positions into effective messages.

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